RAM Web Solutions  - real estate website development leader
RAM Web Solutions is CLOSED and GONE (for many years now)
All websites are shut down and no longer exist.

Although we had the BEST websites out there, the real estate industry has been in shambles so we have OVER $500,000 in receivables that we will never see. We paid ALL our bills and employees, but our customers seem incapable of paying us. We can't continue to operate without our customers paying us.

What's next for RWS's people?
We all found jobs elsewhere.
We are no longer in real-estate or anything related
We are extremely proud that we never fired anyone becuase of this. Employees were told they had to find a new job, but we continued to employ them (and pay them) while they sought after a new job.

Thank you!
Thank you to all of those that have been loyal to us - specially in the last few trying months. A HUGE thank you to those VERY VERY few that have paid us every month as you would any other vendor! An even bigger thank you to all our employees that have sadly parted us. We love you all!

Can we contact you?
Not about RWS or anything related to it. Few of us kept our RWS email account and may be contacted for personal reasons.