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Buying or selling a home is a large personal decision. So choosing a Realtor® should be one too. Relationships connect people. Don't risk your future to just a series of drip emails and postcards.

With leads more precious than ever before, and you cannot afford to let even one go to your competition. There is more gold buried in these leads than once thought; 75% of prospects that are not ready to buy or sell today will likely do so in the next 16 months. To ensure that it is you that they call, supplement automated drip marketing with a personal relationship that differentiates you from the competition to win the account.

Our CRM partner's tools build a personal relationship that supersedes any amount of emails and postcards when it comes time for your prospects to select their Realtor. Our CRM partner's program works with you to design your personal marketing campaigns, and then reminds you of each follow up call and task so that no opportunity is ever lost or forgotten.

Client Relationship Management puts the emphasis on building relationships, not managing contacts, to keep your name in front of your prospects. That means more converted leads and more money in your pocket.

Convert More Leads
  • by adding your personal touch with scheduled phone calls, birthday cards, and handwritten notes and other touch points.
Let No Opportunity Be Overlooked
  • by scheduling personal follow up actions tailored to each prospect's particular situation.
Provide Better Customer Service
  • when each listing and closing task is scheduled, tracked and completed on time.
Send More Effective Emails
  • by targeting the mailing pieces and campaigns best suited to each client's own particular interests.
Get In, Get Done, & Get Going
  • with a remarkably simple & lightning fast Web 2.0 design that gives you more time to prospect, list, sell, and to spend with your family.
Learn Where Your Time Is Best Invested
  • from data mining reports on your prospects, clients, and closings.