RAM Web Solutions  - real estate website development leader


Enterprise Level Data Center

Power generators
Battery backups
Redundant Air Conditioning
Armed security
Advanced fire surpression
24 x 7 x 365 monitoring
We pay extra to talk directly to the "tech" people, not customer service
2 Corporate firewalls at the switch level
14 diferent Internet connections

High Quality Dell Servers

Server grade hardware (no regular "desktop" parts)
We keep 2 copies of our daily backups
Individual Firewalls on each server
2nd aditional backup done periodically
Constant monitoring
Upgrading hardware and software


-- Linux: We exclusively use Red Hat Enterprise Server. We could use a free version of Linux, but we like to have Red Hat behind us if we need extra support. Red Hat is the largest and best Linux company in the planet.
-- Apache: Apache is the most used web server software out there. Known for its speed and rock solid stability
-- MySQL: MySQL is famous for being extremely capable and probably the fastest database program out there
-- Perl/PHP/Python: We use all 3 of those modern programming languages - we use the best language for the job - this way we save time and have the best stability.

- Ajax
Ajax isn't a programming language, but a way of programming. We use it extensively, careful never to over use it.

- Macromedia Flash
Used many years ago simply to bring animation to websites. Today it is a mojor development platform that we take advantage of when necessary.

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a simple, very flexible text format. XML is playing an increasingly important role in the exchange of a wide variety of data on the Web and elsewhere. XML today is the de facto standard in sharing information.

- ColdFusion
Although most of our work today is done in Perl/PHP/Python we still have sites we maintain in ColdFusion.