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RAM Web Solutions Mission Statement

Our mission, at RAM Web Solutions, is to be the preferred provider of quality Real Estate Web sites for offices and agents, due to affordability, tools and service.

How RAM Web Solutions is different from every other Real Estate Website provider

Amazingly enough, what makes RAM Web Solutions different from everyone else is 'the fact that we are real, live people' as Roger Mingorance says, CEO of RAM Web Solutions. 'You can get someone on the phone to talk to you'.

We cater to Real Estate! That's our business! That's what we focus on! That's what we do! Some people would say that its 'putting all your eggs in one basket', but that is not the way we look at it. In business, focusing on one thing and doing it well, is essential. If you spread yourself too thin by trying to do everything, then you will do nothing well. We focus on Real Estate Web sites for Offices and Agents. In fact, we will often refer other types of business to others so we can focus solely on what we do well.

We are unique in offering all the tools necessary for real estate offices and agents to establish or enhance an online presence. We want to be your preferred real estate web site provider.

About RAM Web Solutions

RAM Web Solutions originally started out as being a second department in MarTech. MarTech started over 20 years ago in Houston, TX; a one man operation - Marvin Tedjamulia, today, the President and Owner of MarTech. Since then MarTech moved to Atlanta (MarTech still keeps a satellite office in Texas) and has grown from a one man operation to a small business with many employees. With the coming of the internet, MarTech, expanded their business to include internet services as well. Most of the internet business came from Real Estate. So another department of MarTech was created. The creation of the 2nd department has given us great experience with Databases and graphic manipulation (we manage a database of over 100,000 listings with over 200,000 pictures + the rosters of real estate companies).

In November of 2005, RAM Web Solutions decided it was time to create our own company specifically dedicated to the Web site needs of Real Estate. We discovered as we were working towards expanding nationwide that there were many companies called 'MarTech' providing various services to Real Estate Agents. We wanted to make our own name & have our own identity.

After going through all the legalities of creating our own company, RAM Web Solutions was born in November 2006. We called our new company RAM Web Solutions after Roger, our new owner & president (RAM is Roger's initials). Our focus is specifically on Real Estate Offices and Agents and providing the best tools and service for this industry.

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